"charming and ebullient writer, photographer, blogger, and gal-about-town"
-James Wolcott, Vanity Fair

"Elyssa is the kind of person you want to be when you grow up, even if you are a grown-up."
-Rebecca Merritt, BrInk Editing

"A luminous, glowing presence...And what a great writer!"
-Sara Benincasa, Comedian and Author

"A multi-talented media whirlwind"
-Linda Simpson, legendary New York drag queen

"Supreme and fabulous goddess of the universe"
-Steven Jude Tietjen, writer

"I liked Elyssa because she wasn't an asshole."
-Penny Arcade, avant-garde performance icon

I'm a writer and photographer based in New York. I specialize in non-fiction writing (culture, fashion, music, art, and more), and documentary and dance photography. The word 'capture' is important to me because it's the way I hope to interact with my subject, in either words or pictures. Some things you just can't say and some things you just can't see, so I like to do both. 

I also like wearing high heels and red lipstick, often at the same time. I'm the blogstress behind Miss Manhattan, where I write about my experiences living in and loving New York; I am the host and curator of the Miss Manhattan Non-Fiction Reading Series; and the pen/lens behind the TinyLetter series Miss Manhattan Hangs Out

My writing has been published in Vogue, Vanity FairT: The New York Times Style MagazineElle, i-D, VICE, New York, Marie Claire, Glamour, and many others. Photography clients and publications include Vogue, Sephora, The New Yorker, Artforum, New York, Time Out New YorkGlamour, VICE, Bandcamp and more.

Feel free to contact me at elyssa@miss-manhattan.com.

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Photo by G. Dunn.